5G to play a significant role in entertainment and education

May 27, 2019

With the deployment of a fifth-generation network in China that comes with high speed and low latency, industrial applications including education and entertainment will discover new market opportunities.

At the Mobile World Congress Shanghai, China Mobile signed a partnership agreement with firms like NetDragon and TAL on smart education applications to be run on 5G networks.

Interactive education will soon become a reality with high-speed and low-latency 5G-enabled data transfer, especially in the developing and rural regions which struggle for quality education. It will make educational resources more accessible and interactive, said Xiong Li, CEO of NetDragon.

Fuzhou-based NetDragon has developed a virtual reality lab for physical and chemical experiments and digital board for schools. With 5G development and cooperation with China Mobile, the new services will be available online and in more schools nationwide.

Kazakhstan’s Ali Almira, founder of AR in Education, is showcasing its AR applications that are used in education, health care and marketing. She attended the MWC Shanghai to look for potential partners to promote AR application that is specifically designed in Chinese for kids and students.

China Mobile’s subsidiary Migu also signed an agreement with Mango Media to establish a joint 5G lab. Besides Mango, it has invited overseas partners like BBC, NBA and Discovery to seek opportunities on HD contents in the 5G era.

Migu broadcasts 350 sports and entertainment events now. It will increase the number of broadcasting programs after the 5G deployment. The company also works with Sichuan’s panda base to produce documentaries and ringtones and music with panda themes.

China Unicom has established a 5G research center with iQiyi on edge computing, super high definition, VR and AR applications. Both sides will try to build a new ecosystem for VR, said iQiyi, China’s leading online video website with 100 million paid users already.

BOE, China’s biggest LCD panel vendor, showcased its latest technologies in Shanghai such as ultra-high-definition screens and foldable display.

4K or 8K high-definition screens will become more popular in China with a jump in contents. 5G, with high-speed data transmission, will help content providers and journalists to obtain and produce more HD contents, including live broadcasting with 5G networks, analysts said.

Consumers want to deal with more contents as the picture, webpage, social network, game and video on smartphones will require bigger screen spaces. It’s a potential opportunity for BOE, which is offering foldable screens with Huawei’s Mate X phones.

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