Future of the Smart Home: 11+ Innovations That Could Change the Way We Live

August 20, 2020

The future of the way we live in and use our homes is set to be one thing: Smart. From the fridge to your toilet seat, your Smart Home will be one of the integrated appliances and furniture.

The following 11+ devices and innovations will likely change the way we live forever. This list is far from exhaustive and in no particular order.

1. Tunable lighting’s white lighting can change your mood

Studies have shown for a long time that lighting directly affects occupants’ moods. Bluish hues can boost your energy whilst reddish tones tend to calm you down.

Tunable lighting that changes automatically or on-demand could change the way we live and work. Whether in the workplace or at home this might be as effective as listening to different genres of music.

2. This smart home innovation is bringing “Minority Report” into reality

Many home gadgets and other tech rely heavily on voice command. But it’s not very useful whilst watching your favorite movie or listening to your favorite band’s new album on maximum volume.

Titanium Falcon’s Talon Smart Ring is one such device that combines smart home control with jewelry. It gives you command and control of devices by simply using hand gestures.

3. ‘Smarten up’ your bathroom (or kitchen) with this cool smart home device

At CES 2018, a company called Kohler unveiled its Kohler Konnect. This smart tech effectively acts like Alexa but for your bathroom appliances, as well as your kitchen.

You can, by voice command, make your bathroom effectively hands-free. You can warm up your toilet seat or be alerted when the bath water is at the perfect temperature.

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