BT adds Gorilla video AI to smart ports tech roster

July 21, 2023

BT entered into a strategic relationship with artificial intelligence-powered video analytics specialist Gorilla Technology, in order to deliver a container identification and damage detection solution as part of the Group’s growing “smart ports” interest.

Optimising operations and supply chain integrity

The solution is being offered via a video analytics suite, and is designed to reduce operational inefficiencies and, as a result, cut costs for those in the global container shipping industry.

AI and machine learning algorithms analyse video footage, which is captured at various stages throughout the container management process to rapidly identify, track, and inspect containers for signs of damage or tampering. The solution itself was engineered by Gorilla, but leverages BT’s network infrastructure.

Gorilla flagged that the solution is live at the Port of Tyne, near Newcastle, which handles cargo from five continents, and serves a network of sea routes, major roads, and rail. The duo claimed that they are “actively engaging” with logistics providers and shipping companies to integrate the container identification and damage detection solution into their operations.

The deal appears to be of significance to Gorilla, which saw its share price rise 13% after the deal was announced yesterday, albeit on a diminished base after an 80% drop over the past twelve months.

The integration of the solution is being facilitated through BT’s existing relationship with the Port of Tyne. In 2022, the pair signed a contract which would see BT install a 5G private network and “other cutting-edge surveillance and smart technology” at the port.

BT going big on Industry 4.0 R&D

The Gorilla tie-up is yet another indication of BT’s focus on leveraging its connectivity to support smart ports, and more widely, Industry 4.0 solutions. BT unveiled its flagship smart port project at Belfast Harbour in 2020 and flagged developments and partnerships at the site in 2022. It was declared a “platform for innovation”, and BT launched a managed edge cloud offering at the maritime hub (BTwatch, #317, #323, and #336).

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